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Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Sean Werick
Choosing the Right Microsoft Data Science Platform

So you've done traditional BI for some time, but now you and your company know it's time to dig into advanced analytics. The big question is, with so many data science platform options available, which one is the right one for us?

In this session we dive into the available platforms listed below and provide a brief summary, strengths and weaknesses, scale capabilities, and last but not least, pricing/licensing.

- Microsoft R Open
- Microsoft R Server
- R and Python Services for SQL Server 2017
- Azure Machine Learning
- HDInsight (with Spark)
- Microsoft Data Science VM

If you're looking to maximize and optimize your data science platform of choice, be sure to attend.

Sean has been in the data industry for 15 years, specializing in Microsoft business intelligence for the last decade. He has architected, developed and integrated end to end solutions for customers in various sectors including finance, government, health care and retail. He is extremely passionate about data and the endless possibilities for companies utilizing it in the best ways. He enjoys data science and business intelligence because the possibilities and magnitudes of impact are immeasurable.

5:30 - Professional Networking & Food
6:00 - Announcements
6:15 - Featured Presentation
7:15 - Prize Drawings

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2017
Speaker: Matt Gordon, How to Keep Your Database Servers Out of the News

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